Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Advice for Crap Collectors

In the most beautiful park in the world you're bound to come across some dog crap now and then. You might even step in some in a moment of absent-mindedness. If you have a certain type of personality you might be tempted, when this happens, to pick the crap up and carry it around with you. 

It's true. You might even want to show it to your friends and random strangers. My advice is: Don't do it. If — no, when — you see it, because you surely will, just step over it and move on. There's a reason it's called "droppings." If you've stepped in it, wipe your foot off as best you can and get back to your business. Don't be a collector.

I say this because at one time in my life I felt compelled to pick up every turd I came across in the park of life. I collected them as evidence to support my contention that the world smelled like crap. I shared my collection and my contention with anyone who would listen. "See, the world is crappy," I would declare, pulling great handfuls of the stuff from my deep pockets and waving it under wrinkled noses.

Sometimes I'm not too bright and this was one of those times. It took me a long time to recognize the obvious: that the world might not smell so bad if I stopped picking up every pile of crap I came across. I tried it and it worked. My world is smelling much better nowadays. Of course, I still come across a pile now and then but when I do, I leave it lie. If I find one in my pocket (it happens) I get rid of it immediately.

So there you have it. If your world is smelling a little crappy, you may want to check your pockets.

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  1. Is that why it feels a little crappy in my life now? Goodness, you nailed it, Troy! THANK YOU for pointing out. Nobody has put it in words so plainly before, and I REALLY appreciate it. Now I shall return your kindness by cleaning out my pockets.