Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An Ending and a Beginning

Well, we've finished 12 weeks of our introduction to wholeness ethics. It was received very well and staff have been very supportive. It's a blessing.

We will be starting another group in about a week with new guys. About 25 of the guys who just went through will move over into our "Stewards" portion of the project. This is where we focus more on integrating these things and putting them out to others in our community.

I tell them that the first 12 weeks are about learning the principles of wholeness ethics, but it takes a lifetime to integrate or habitualize them. We sometimes talk about what we would do if someone drops a wallet with lot of money in it. I like to point out that our goal isn't to figure out the right answer to that question but to reach a point where it isn't even a question. That's integration.

The same is true with larger ethical questions like loving all people unconditionally — even those who may have ill will toward us. Who can do that without practicing it? But our goal is to bring it to the point where it's not even a question. Until we get it to that point it remains unintegrated.

So, we go now out of the classroom and into a community and begin the lifelong work of integrating wholeness thinking into our personal lives and into our relationships. I'm excited about it and grateful to all who make it possible and care about it — including all of you.

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