Friday, August 29, 2014

Compassion as a Point of Connection

I have decided to try to turn all energy into compassion. This is, for me, a way to stay focused. It is also a thing greatly needed in our world.

By energy I mean the various internal energies we experience as emotions and thoughts, as well as the energies that act on us from the outside.

In the first case, if I feel anger I try to transmute this energy — after allowing myself to experience it for an appropriate amount of time — into compassion. A guy recently transferred back here after stealing from me and transferring out some time back. I was angry when it happened and again when I saw him again. I called him to account, telling him he needed to make right what he'd done.

I didn't want anything more than what he took from me, but even after claiming he wanted to make it right, he's made no effort. I've taken the energy of my anger and turned it into compassion — for other victims of injustice, for myself, and for this man whose integrity is so broken that he can't even see the value of trying to repair it.

I can do the same with the energy of happiness, boredom, frustration, self-contentment, fear, self-condemnation and so on. The can each be a point of connection to those in need of compassion in the world.

Energies from outside might be the energy of violence, cruelty, mindlessness, greed or, on the positive side, love, kindness, hope and optimism.

Once again, I can turn these energies into compassion as I experience them. I do so by expanding my awareness out from myself to the world, especially the world where it's hurting or striving. I should mention that this includes the non-human world as well as the human world. Where there is any need for compassion — and where is there not? — I offer it like a drink of water.

If I can do this in the physical world I will, but if not, I offer it up as energy: to the people in Ferguson, Missouri; to those in St. Louis; to the numberless and nameless suffering across our nation and world; to those betrayed by politics, corporate greed, and power; to those left behind; and to those on top, caught up in the delusion that winning is worthy of them.

I will strive toward this and fail, but even if I fail forever, the striving itself, the naming of this as my mission, will be my success.

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